What is job Reporting? How does it help candidates to share inappropriate details regarding job postings?

If employers exhibit an unprofessional demeanor, candidates can report their job postings by tapping on the flag icon present in the top right corner of the job details. Candidates can report even on the chat screen of employers by selecting the appropriate reason.

Reporting jobs is an effective way to let other candidates know about the jobs that are inappropriate for applying.

  • Reporting is the easiest way to state your problem
  • The exact reason can be specified for reporting 
  • The problem can be shared in detail and without any hesitation
  • Convey any and every issue faced while applying to one or more 

The candidates can apply only to those job postings which they feel is trust-worthy or they can report and even specify the issue by mentioning it the text-box.

Why you should Report?

If any inappropriate issues are while applying for a job, candidates should report a job

Where to report?

Jobs can be reported in the Job Details screen or Chat Screen of the EZJobs app, by selecting the appropriate reason for reporting the job or a user

What is the significance of turning the privacy setting from Standard to Limited?

Setting ‘Standard’ as a preference in privacy setting, the profile can be searched by any employer looking to hire. The employers can view profile information, excluding contact details. 

Contrarily setting ‘Limited’ as preference, the profile cannot be visible to employers unless candidates apply to jobs.

For the Privacy Setting to be changed, the user can find a ‘Privacy Setting’ option in ‘More’ present in the bottom right corner of the app. By changing the preference, Candidates can:

  • Use the standard and limited privacy options to limit who can access your profile
  • In the limited privacy setting, the profile would be visible only to those employers whose jobs candidates have applied to
  •  Can switch their profile privacy setting to standard anytime they wish
  • Hide their profile by restricting employers from viewing their profile along with the rest of the candidates in your area

While setting preferences,  candidates should be aware that :

Standard: A standard profile enhances your chances of being discovered and facilitates smoother communication with employers.

Limited: Switching privacy setting to limited restricts employers from viewing your profile. Limited profiles are not visible unless you apply for jobs.

Can employers see my email address and phone number?

No, employers can’t see your email address or phone number. Unless you opt for a selected profile.
Please follow the steps to secure your profile:
1. Please find the MORE option in your profile screen.
2. Once you click on it, you can find the PRIVACY SETTINGS.
3. There are two options available for you, “STANDARD PROFILE” & ” PRIVATE PROFILE”
4. If you click on the STANDARD PROFILE option,then your profile will be visible to all the employers.
5. If you click on the  PRIVATE PROFILE optionthen your profile will be visible to those employers you select.

We do not publish any contact details of our users in accordance with the Law on Data Protection. Contact details are private information and susceptible to being misused.

How To Keep My Account Safe?

Here are the best practices that you can proactively do to ensure your account is secure:

  • Change your password every few months.
  • Don’t use the same password for all of your accounts.
  • Select strong, complex passwords.
  • Make sure your email accounts are secure.
  • Sign out of your account after you have used a public or shared computer.
  • Manage your account information and privacy settings.
  • Be wary of suspicious links.

Report any inappropriate content or safety concerns you see.