How can employers mark shortlisted candidate profiles for viewing later?

Employers can mark the shortlisted candidates as Favorites by tapping the heart icon in the candidate’s profile. 

Employers can view similar Job profiles based on the jobs posted. They can view the profiles and can mark those as favorites for viewing later.

Shortlisted profiles can be viewed by following the steps below:

  1. Tap the Jobs icon to the right of Home at the bottom left corner of the app
  2. Tap Favorites on the top-right part of the screen below Hire Candidates. It is the third option present after Active which shows the live job employers have posted and Invited which shows candidates whom employers have invited to apply for jobs.
  3. Employers can now hire selected candidates from the list.

Does the EZJobs app provide employers any feature to hire candidates for part-time jobs?

 Yes, Employers can select the Job Type as “Part-Time” while creating a Job Post.

While creating a Job Post Employers should fill some mandatory fields to get their job posted. Those are as follows:

Job Title: Employers should describe a candidate’s job or position.

Category: A Job category should be chosen from a wide range of categories available on EZJobs

Location: Job location should be specified based on the city and locality the company is.

Job Type: Whether employers wish to hire Part-Time or Full-Time employees specify the Job type 

Salary Type: Salary type is the time period employers would pay candidates. For eg. Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly.

Pay Rate: This indicates the salary is fixed or negotiable.

Job Description: Employers specify job responsibilities, qualifications, benefits if any and working time.

Skills: Skills expected in candidates for the position are specified here.

No of Positions available: Employers should mention at least one vacancy available for the job.

Is it possible to apply for jobs and hire candidates simultaneously?

Yes, the user can easily switch the preference from “find jobs” to “hire candidates”.

CANDIDATES: Candidates need to select a preference to ‘find jobs’ based on specific categories and skills.

Various features available for candidates are:


1)Advanced search mechanism for jobs based on keywords

2)Can find jobs based on recent postings, 24hrs, 7days, and 30days

3)Can filter jobs based on part-time and fulltime

4)Based on shift timings

5)Display jobs which are available for walk-in interviews

6)Based on work on home option availability 

7)Based on Pay rate(Any, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly) and can specifically pay rates based on min and max value

-Share Jobs: can share jobs in various social media platforms

-Favorite jobs: can favorite suitable jobs and can view later to apply from the favorite jobs section

-Chat to apply: when clicked can directly chat with the employer and there are conditions applied like candidate profile should be completed and Candidate needs to send the first message then only the candidate is applied and the employer gets the candidate profile information.

-Display of jobs: Job card view displays company image, Job title, company name, job location, pay rate, type of job(Full time/parttime) and type of salary

EMPLOYERS: Employers need to select a preference to Hire candidates based on specific categories and skills.

Various features available for employers are:


1)Advanced search mechanism for candidates based on keywords

2)Employers can filter based on experience of candidates from minimum and maximum years

3)Based on salary type(Any, hourly, daily, weekly,monthly,yearly) and specific salary rate range

4)Based on Gender

5)Based on education

6)Based on Candidates profiles having resume

7)Candidates profiles having photo, video introduction

8)Based on Students only: required for internships/part time jobs employer can filter

9)Based on candidates who are online at the time of filtering

-Favorite Candidates: Can favorite candidates for later view from favorite candidates section

-Display of jobs: Candidates are displayed in card view with candidate photo, past job titles, experience, about his/her introduction, his current location where he is actively looking for job

-Chat to hire: employer can chat to candidate by clicking this, when employer chooses this there are some criteria which employer needs to fulfill company profile should be completed and employer should have an active job posted and when the previous two is satisfied then only the employer can chat to candidates by inviting them, when candidates accept the invitation then only the employer can proceed to chat further.

How can employers find suitable candidates for their respective firms on the EZJobs app?

Employers can hire candidates that match their requirements with the EZJobs app. Employers can post a video description specifying the skills required for the firm and also view video resumes to find the best local talent.

Employers can hire candidates following these 4 simple steps:

  • Download EZJobs
  • Find suitable candidates
  • Invite candidates to hire
  • Chat with future employees

Employers can find various features to hire the right candidate for the firm as follows:

  1. Share job on various social media platforms
  2. Chat with candidates to know more about them
  3. Filter applicants based on your requirements
  4. Make a video description to give more information 
  5. Hire Candidates in any particular location
  6. Favorite candidates and hire them later accordingly 

What is job Archiving? How does it help employers from losing important details from previous job postings?

Archiving jobs is hiding posted jobs for a period of time unless employers unarchive it. Archived job postings are not visible to candidates nor are they applicable.

Job postings could be Archived once the vacancies of firms are filled instead of deleting and could be unarchived anytime the employers wish.

Employers must know:

  • Archiving a job will remove it from the listing
  • Once skilled or trained candidates are hired for the job, archive the job instead of deleting it
  • An archived job can be republished in case of recurring vacancy
  • Archiving jobs saves you the time of re-writing the entire job description 

It is extremely effective and helps employers exercise better control over job postings.

Why Archive: Archiving lets employers tidy up their job profiles by moving jobs from Active Jobs to Archived Jobs, so they don’t have to delete anything.

What is it like: Archiving is like moving something into the filing cabinet for safekeeping, rather than putting it in the trash can.

Archiving jobs also allows you to repost past jobs independently without having to post the job again.

What is a video job description and how does it help employers hiring for their respective jobs on the EZJobs app?

A video resume is a video introduction about job profiles wherein the employers can record a selfie video about their company and the qualities they wish to have in the candidates they hire. The video resume can be uploaded directly into the app from the phone. 

The EZJobs app allows uploads of up to 60 seconds of video content from employers with a video description, employers can:

  • Convey key job requirements in lesser time
  • Quickly introduce your organization to potential employees
  • Convey job details in easy and local language
  • Enhance the authenticity and appeal of your job posting 

With a video job description, employers help candidates apply to jobs by simply watching and listening to the video.

While creating a video resume, it is important for candidates to:

Be Brief: The employers can share only the most important jobs details in the video. A long descriptive text can be added in the description

Specify skills: Speak to candidates about the specific skills you are looking for. That way, only the most relevant candidates will apply to your job 

How Can I Edit A Job Posted?

To make any changes in your job posted, please follow these guidelines :

  1. If you are handling an Employer profile then you can keep a track of the candidates applied.
  2. Click on the Hire Candidate option present on the top right of the screen.
  3. Then you can click on the Jobs button beside the Home button on the left corner below.
  4. There will be able to see the Active jobs.
  5. You can find a Pencil icon on any particular job posting done by you, click on it and start editing.

How Do I Know How Many Candidates applied For My Job Post?

To know the details about your job posted, please follow these guidelines :

  1. If you are handling an Employer profile then you can keep a track of the candidates applied.
  2. Click on the Hire Candidate option present on the top right of the screen.
  3. Then you can click on the Jobs button beside the home button on the left corner below.
  4. There will be able to see the active jobs.
  5. On the particular Job posted, you can find the Matching profile & the Candidates applied details.

What is Company Profile?

If You are using EZJobs app as an employer to hire candidates, filling the required fields in the company profile option is mandatory.

Company Profile option can be found within the More button in the right below corner of the app.