How To Find My Favorite Job?

How To Find My Favorite Job ?

Favorite Jobs Option can be found in the Jobs button (present beside your profile option on the app screen below).

You can use this option to save your opportunities and find them later. Favorite Jobs can be found by following the steps below:

  1. Search your jobs in your required location.
  2. There you can find a heart option below the job description.
  3. Click on the mark as favorite button if you want to join the opportunity in the later period.
  4. Similarly, you can save as many jobs you want which you find apt according to your profile.
  5. Click on the Jobs button (present beside your profile option on the app screen below).
  6. There you can find the favorites button beside the invited option.

    *If Not Able To Find Your Favorite Job. Please Go through Process Again*

Is it necessary to complete the candidate profile before applying for any job or using the chat to apply feature?

Yes, candidates can go through the checklist to fill out the minimum details to be discovered by Employers.

Here’s a checklist with some mandatory fields required to apply for a job:

Personal Details: Personal details include email id, phone number, location, date of birth and the gender of candidates

Self Introduction: Candidates are expected to design a self-introduction according to the job profile they are applying to, to leave a good impression on employers.

Are you a student: This shows if candidates wish to apply for a part-time or a full-time job.

Education: Candidates should mandatorily specify their educational backgrounds.

Skills: Adding skills to your profile lets employers understand your strengths.

Languages: Some employers look for multilingual candidates. Adding language details acts like a cherry on the pie for profiles.

Expected Salary: Specifying this in the job profile lets employers know if candidates are expecting a fixed salary or the salary could be negotiable. And if the salary expectation is fixed, what amount is the candidate expecting?

How can candidates find whether an employer has accepted their application?

Candidates can tap on the notification button present in the top-right corner on the homepage of the app represented by a bell icon.

Application: Various jobs would be visible to Candidates according to the profile filled. Candidates can apply to relevant jobs by tapping ‘chat to apply’.

Notification: When respective employers view the application, the response of employers would be visible to candidates in notifications.

Is it possible to apply for jobs and hire candidates simultaneously?

Yes, the user can easily switch the preference from “find jobs” to “hire candidates”.

CANDIDATES: Candidates need to select a preference to ‘find jobs’ based on specific categories and skills.

Various features available for candidates are:


1)Advanced search mechanism for jobs based on keywords

2)Can find jobs based on recent postings, 24hrs, 7days, and 30days

3)Can filter jobs based on part-time and fulltime

4)Based on shift timings

5)Display jobs which are available for walk-in interviews

6)Based on work on home option availability 

7)Based on Pay rate(Any, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly) and can specifically pay rates based on min and max value

-Share Jobs: can share jobs in various social media platforms

-Favorite jobs: can favorite suitable jobs and can view later to apply from the favorite jobs section

-Chat to apply: when clicked can directly chat with the employer and there are conditions applied like candidate profile should be completed and Candidate needs to send the first message then only the candidate is applied and the employer gets the candidate profile information.

-Display of jobs: Job card view displays company image, Job title, company name, job location, pay rate, type of job(Full time/parttime) and type of salary

EMPLOYERS: Employers need to select a preference to Hire candidates based on specific categories and skills.

Various features available for employers are:


1)Advanced search mechanism for candidates based on keywords

2)Employers can filter based on experience of candidates from minimum and maximum years

3)Based on salary type(Any, hourly, daily, weekly,monthly,yearly) and specific salary rate range

4)Based on Gender

5)Based on education

6)Based on Candidates profiles having resume

7)Candidates profiles having photo, video introduction

8)Based on Students only: required for internships/part time jobs employer can filter

9)Based on candidates who are online at the time of filtering

-Favorite Candidates: Can favorite candidates for later view from favorite candidates section

-Display of jobs: Candidates are displayed in card view with candidate photo, past job titles, experience, about his/her introduction, his current location where he is actively looking for job

-Chat to hire: employer can chat to candidate by clicking this, when employer chooses this there are some criteria which employer needs to fulfill company profile should be completed and employer should have an active job posted and when the previous two is satisfied then only the employer can chat to candidates by inviting them, when candidates accept the invitation then only the employer can proceed to chat further.

What is job Reporting? How does it help candidates to share inappropriate details regarding job postings?

If employers exhibit an unprofessional demeanor, candidates can report their job postings by tapping on the flag icon present in the top right corner of the job details. Candidates can report even on the chat screen of employers by selecting the appropriate reason.

Reporting jobs is an effective way to let other candidates know about the jobs that are inappropriate for applying.

  • Reporting is the easiest way to state your problem
  • The exact reason can be specified for reporting 
  • The problem can be shared in detail and without any hesitation
  • Convey any and every issue faced while applying to one or more 

The candidates can apply only to those job postings which they feel is trust-worthy or they can report and even specify the issue by mentioning it the text-box.

Why you should Report?

If any inappropriate issues are while applying for a job, candidates should report a job

Where to report?

Jobs can be reported in the Job Details screen or Chat Screen of the EZJobs app, by selecting the appropriate reason for reporting the job or a user

What is the significance of turning the privacy setting from Standard to Limited?

Setting ‘Standard’ as a preference in privacy setting, the profile can be searched by any employer looking to hire. The employers can view profile information, excluding contact details. 

Contrarily setting ‘Limited’ as preference, the profile cannot be visible to employers unless candidates apply to jobs.

For the Privacy Setting to be changed, the user can find a ‘Privacy Setting’ option in ‘More’ present in the bottom right corner of the app. By changing the preference, Candidates can:

  • Use the standard and limited privacy options to limit who can access your profile
  • In the limited privacy setting, the profile would be visible only to those employers whose jobs candidates have applied to
  •  Can switch their profile privacy setting to standard anytime they wish
  • Hide their profile by restricting employers from viewing their profile along with the rest of the candidates in your area

While setting preferences,  candidates should be aware that :

Standard: A standard profile enhances your chances of being discovered and facilitates smoother communication with employers.

Limited: Switching privacy setting to limited restricts employers from viewing your profile. Limited profiles are not visible unless you apply for jobs.

What is a video resume and how does it help candidates applying for jobs on the EZJobs app?

A video resume is a video introduction about candidates wherein they can record a selfie video about their skills and achievements and add it to their EZJobs profile. The video resume can be uploaded directly into the app from the phone. 

The EZJobs app allows uploads of up to 60 seconds of video content from candidates. With a video resume, candidates can tell employers why their profile is special and use the video resume to:

  • Stand out in a long queue of candidates craving employer attention
  • Tell employers about your unique skills and special achievements 
  • Increase your chances of getting hired by 300%

 A video resume makes it easier for employers to judge both skills and the confidence of candidates.  

While creating a video resume, it is important for candidates to:

Keep it professional: The best impressions are scored by keeping things professional. It is advisable for candidates to wear formal attire and use language they would use in an interview.   

Highlight achievements: A video resume is a great way to highlight important achievements, speak of merits and certifications.

Can I Use Both Hire Candidates & Find Jobs?

Yes, EZJobs is a simple mobile app that connects local part-time employees with employers.

With a simple “chat to apply” feature for employees and “chat to recruit” interface for employers, EZJobs cuts the clutter off the job scene.